Sunday, November 9, 2008

Messy bedroom

My bedroom is messy.OUCH!AH!OOO!Sorry mommy I know my room is messy.I can't clean it I don't know where to start.I can't even get into my bed.That is messy.You might have seen messy but never like this.My dad kills himself in my room.My bed is even messy.Inculding my desk.I don't care that my room is messy I like it.My closet is messy to.I hurt myself once.Don't get mad if you come in my room.

I'm all style

As you can see by looking at the picture above, I am all style. The spotlight shining on my shiny hair. Sometimes, I have messy hair in the morning. Can you see all the style stuff on me?

I got a cat scan

A couple weeks ago in October I got a cat scan.Yep.Cats looked all over me.Meow.I'm allergic to cats so all I said was :achoo achoo achoo.Can I please have a tissue?